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Next-Level Clinical Pilates Course

OUR NEXT-LEVEL CLINICAL PILATES COURSE - progresses your skills and takes you to the Next-Level!

Don't lose the strength, stability and pain relief you've gained from the Foundational Clinical Pilates Course.

Progress yourself to the next level by building on the exercises you've learned and taking them to higher intensities and adding new and exciting exercises too.

Are you ready to continue the exercise program that will make you feel strong but won’t stress your joints or put you at risk for injury?

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Here’s what we’ll be covering:

Week 1 - Review of activating your Core correctly and your daily exercises all starting at level 2

Week 2 - We add to the exercises we learned in week 1

Week 3 - The intensity increases this week as we build endurance

Week 4 - This week you learn the highest intensity exercises

Weeks 5-8 - We add in the fun equipment to aid our workouts

Complete your purchase of the Next-Level Clinical Pilates Course to continue your wellness journey today.

What you'll get:

  •  Recordings of 8 classes taught by a highly experienced physical therapist and Pilates instructor, in a private portal for you to access at any time
  • Weekly downloadable exercise checklists

The Next-Level Clinical Pilates Course is the natural progression from the Foundational clinical Pilates course.

This program teaches you how to build on the foundation you have set – in just eight weeks! 

This program is taught by a specialist physical therapist and Clinical Pilates expert – and it’s designed to give you in-depth knowledge of how to properly strengthen your core, safely and effectively, so that you can prevent pain, and feel stronger and more confident in other activities that you love to do.

Participants of this program graduate into regular small group Pilates classes, and continue to use Clinical Pilates as a complement to their regular strength training or cardio routine, even in our fitness class.

Graduates of our program worry less about pain and injury, spend less time at the doctor’s office, and focus more on activities they love to do.

This course runs for 8 weeks.

This program is not intended to diagnose or treat any specific issue and is not a substitute for consulting your medical doctor.

Your participation in the program does not constitute a patient-provider relationship in any way and you understand that Emma Green is not your physical therapist (physio).